The #Chelfie Team

Welcome to Chelfie! We are the first social shopping destination that combines proprietary visual technology, conversational commerce, and shopping with friends into one exhilarating experience. Chelfie’s parent company, Solebrity, was started in 2015 by serial Entrepreneurs AJ Jaghori and Chris Petrakis to reinvent the way consumers shop together online and in stores.

Photo of aj chelfie photo of aj

AJ Jaghori

CEO & Co-founder

Photo of Chris chelfie photo of Chris

Chris Petrakis

CGO & Co-founder

Photo of vincent chelfie photo of vincent

Vincent Smith


Photo of Chris chelfie photo of Chris

Shaymaa Khater

Senior Data Scientist

Photo of sonali chelfie photo of sonali

Sonali Mahakale

IOS Engineer

Photo of satya chelfie photo of satya

Satya Roopa

Backend Software Engineer

Photo of latheesh chelfie photo of latheesh

Latheesh Virupakshi

Android Developer

Photo of cameron chelfie photo of cameron

Cameron Mourtaza

Marketing Manager

Photo of lydia chelfie photo of lydia

Lydia Wiebel

Content & Social Media

Photo of james chelfie photo of james

James Scott

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of shara chelfie photo of shara

Shara Blocksom

Marketing & Sales

Photo of yidan chelfie photo of yidan

Yidan Xie

UX Designer

Photo of Noori chelfie photo of noori

Noori Na

Fashion Brand Ambassador

Photo of Jo chelfie photo of jo

Jo Clark

Influence Marketing

Photo of constance chelfie photo of constance

Constance Pemberton

E-Commerce Data Entry